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About Us



Are there any peak pricing for holidays?

What makes Agile unique from any other platform is we DO NOT have peak pricing. Orders can be made 24/7, any day of the week without any peak pricing. All of our pricing is competitive, and usually the cheapest unless we are low in stock, manufacturer pricing update or any other circumstances that forces the price to go up. Pricing is updated every 30min. We offer 14 days price match on all orders fulfilled by Kobe’s warehouse. We currently don’t price match orders fulfilled by Third party sellers, manufacturer, and clearance items.


Any fees to working with Kobe’s as a Third-Party Seller?

We take 12% commission (or referral) fee for all orders. We are currently not accepting any third-party seller as we are developing our third-party seller platform


Any Fees to order item(s)?

At the moment there are no fees to use our service. It is free to use



Can I cancel my order(s)? 

Orders can be cancelled any time before we ship orders. Once your order is shipped (or leaves our fulfillment center), we can NOT intercept the delivery process. Once the item is received, you can always request to return the item. Refer to return policy for additional information.



Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel? 


Will I be charged a return fee for returning an item(s)? 

Return fee is assessed case by case and varies from order to order. Please review our return policy for additional information.

What happens if a Third-Party Seller chooses to cancel an order(s)?

If a Third-Party Seller happens to cancel an order (for unfortunate circumstance), we will notify you (the buyer) via email with valid reason of cancellation. Third-party seller cancellation is something outside of our control. Rest assured, all third-party sellers will demonstrate a high level of customer service during all interaction.




How do I pay for my order(s)?

Services are paid for through your credit card. We accept all major credit cards. We also offer installment payments for certain products. We place a hold on your card for the order, however, you will ONLY be charged once we ship your order.


Who are Third-party sellers? 

Our third-party sellers are hand-picked professionals who are able to provide you with the best service experience possible. We do routine background and performance checks on our Third-Party Sellers to ensure excellent standing.


Chargeback complaint


What happens if I would like to dispute the charge on my credit card or have any damage complaints?

We strongly recommend that you take photographs or keep any evidence in the case of a complaint. Please contact us by email: kobeswarehouse@gmail.com